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Juried Sellers

We don't let just "anyone" sell. Our sellers are juried members of VHDM and make between $600-$3000 in a 30 minute live spot once they have established their presence. New sellers will get some "test" sales at a discounted rate before they continue on. Sales are all live and experience going live is NECESSARY!


Sell To A Community That Buys! Rules & Guidelines For Our Sellers At VHDM!

  • All Sellers Are Juried By Application ONLY!

  • VHDM requires a monthly membership free to sell. This fee covers advertising, admin costs, social media manager, and our ads guy.

  • Monthly Membership fee is $29 per month (new sellers have an $89 signup fee and then at day 31 you will be charged $29 a month).

  • Members of Painting for Profits & The Social Divas are at a discount rate of $10 per month (please see respective groups for more information).

  • All new members will have access to a course to learn to sell live and they will have a coach to help them get set up and selling. We want to make sure we provide professional and quality sellers to our buyers.

  • When you are ready to sell live each 30-minute spot is $100 (Wednesday posts are included in the fee). New Sellers get a FREE 15-minute spot, and their first 3 lives are $50 each. You will have 30 days to use that. Past sellers are not applicable to the discounted spots.

  • We have a data base of over 100 quality vendors who sell on the marketplace. You should watch how they sell, and you can see how successful they are depending on their product and how they showcase their products.

  • After you go live and sell products take those customers to your page and keep selling to them. I view the selling platform as I am a craft show promotor getting people to your store and then you take them and make them into buyers that you can sell to all the time.

  • Just like a craft show we have over 16k Customers, and you will gain an audience once they get to know you and start buying your products. We ask that you jury in with the products you will be selling. For instance, if you sell painted wood, you are unable to sell unfinished wood unless you have permission. Don't jury in with one product and switch with another without permission. We have a limit on the number of unfinished wood vendors and faux food vendors we allow into the group.